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Ultra-high absorption formulation: curcuRouge

To maximize the health functionality of curcumin!


(Revolutionarily improved curcumin absorption)

​Curcumin Challenges

Ordinary curcumin particles are large and hard crystals, so

The current situation is that 99% is excreted outside the body


curcuRouge 's highly absorbent technology


Comparison of solubility of curcumin and various curcumins in water

1.synthesized crucumin 2.curcumin supplier(A and B)3.Theracurmin

In vivo comparison among synthesized curcumin, Theracurmin and curcuRouge ( absorbent comparison in animals)

The world's strongest highly absorbent curcumin
Confirmation of high absorption of curcuRouge preparation in human test
(Crossover randomized control trial)


Study design: 

Randomized double-blind two-way crossover study​

Target audience:

 12 healthy people aged 19 to 60​

High-speed passage through the blood-brain barrier of curcuRouge
Fast penetration into the brain through BBB

curcuRouge formulation
(10mg / kg oral dose for rats, in vivo)

New product: curcuRouge September 2020


Contains 1 capsule of 90 mg of curcumin / 225 mg of curcumin.

60 capsules per product (1 month)

Clinical trial plan (2020-)
(All randomized, double-blind, group-to-group study)

▷ Immunity enhancement effect (20X2arms): Completed

▷ Osteoarthritis of the knee (20X3arms): Completed

▷ COVID-19 (80X2arms): Study completed. Paper in preparation

▷ Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) (30X2arms): Ongoing

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