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BASIC CONCEPT OF OUR WORK (Business Proposition)

 THERABIOPHARMA Inc. is a biotechnology company derived from Kyoto University. Our aim is to bring out potentials of natural materials and give new and different values to them and, through their transformation, to offer innovative products and technology that are able to meet the basic health needs of many people of all countries of the world.



"We are working to develop new possibilities of natural materials by leveraging our expertise naturals for such as curcumin (Example) . In this way, we are creating a new value to the substance in three fields: medicine, diagnosis and functional material, so that more people can make proper use of it. "

Development of medical applications

  • Our aim is to make appropriate use of basic research and clinical development capacities in chemical biology and medicinal chemistry research conducted by Kyoto University and to promote research for drug discovery.  In this manner, we are developing and producing innovative drugs for cancer, through the exploring innovative mechanisms by bringing out the potentials of curcumin.

  • We intend to apply our technology to cure untreatable diseases and rare diseases.

  • Also, we aim to apply our technology to diagnosis and to medical equipment.

  • Furthermore, we aim to apply it to solve antibiotic-resistant bacterial problems.

Development of functional materials and foods.

  • Through the use of highly responsive food matrices, we optimize the absorption of natural products and, at the same time, we reduce the cost of production.

  • We are conducting our development and basic researches in order to obtain the most appropriate forms of  material that can be most efficiently ingested as functional materials in accordance with the conditions of the people.

  • We are developing a formula that can provide the functional materials with the highest possible added value and that can make them highly absorbent in order to further improve their applicability.

We search for, verify and develop new functional materials that would be applicable to this business proposition.

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