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curcuRouge Capsule

We have developed and launched a dietary supplement product containing our highly absorbable curcumin. “curcuRouge” is now filled into the small capsule for easy and convenient use.


Curcumin, which is proven to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, has been the subject of numerous research studies reported worldwide regarding its efficacy. However, even if curcumin is orally administered at a high dose, only a small quantity of curcumin is detected in the blood plasma. Additionally, all most all curcumin in plasma is metabolized into conjugates and rapidly excreted via feces. 

Dispersal of curcuRouge in Water

Highly Absorbable Curcumin = curcuRouge

However, through our unique manufacturing process and technology, we have successfully achieved a remarkable increase in the absorption of curcumin with "curcuRouge." It exhibits approximately 100 times higher absorption compared to regular curcumin (up to 200 times in rat studies), and over five times higher absorption compared to commercially available high-absorption products. By taking just one or two capsules per day, you may verify its efficacy by yourself.


Red Curcumin

The distinctive reddish orange color of "curcuRouge" is created through our company's proprietary production technology to dramatically enhance absorption resulting in the transformation of yellow curcumin into reddish orange. It serves as evidence of its high absorbability.

No utilizamos arroz de levadura roja ni nada similar en nuestro Kuru Kuruju. Además, no existe un proceso de fabricación por fermentación, así que utilícelo con confianza.

Try our curcuRouge and feel the difference!

The selling price is 7,560 JPY including tax (plus shipping fee) with 62 capsules per bottle.

To make a purchase, please visit the "Shop" tab (credit card payment is available), or contact us via the email address provided below (please note that for orders placed via email, payment needs to be made by bank transfer).

For purchase via email, please use the email address below:


Please state "curcuRouge Purchase Request" in the email subject and provide the following information in the body of the email:

​1. Your name

2. Desired number of curcuRouge for purchase

3. Postal code

4. Address

5. Phone number

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